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  • Photo of a One-Shot Oiler Shop automatic oil lubrication system installed on a milling machine

    Welcome to One-Shot Oiler Shop.

    The home of automatic oil lubrication system guides, parts, and tools for machine tools.

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Our Mission

Our mission at One-Shot Oiler Shop is simple: to provide our customers worldwide with quality, “one-shot oiler”, automatic oil lubrication system guides, parts, and tools for their machine tools, including milling machines, lathes, etc.

Each one of our guides is directed towards a particular type of machine. Each guide includes all of the necessary information to enable anyone to correctly design, install, operate, and maintain an automatic oil lubrication system on a machine of the type that the guide is directed to. Once installed on a machine, the lubrication system is operable to quickly, reliably, and thoroughly lubricate each of the machine’s slideways and drive screw nuts with the correct amount of oil.

Please contact us if you require a guide for a machine that we don’t currently offer a guide for. We may be able to prepare a guide and then make it available for you and others to purchase from our online shop. Also, please subscribe to our blog so that you receive email notifications of new guide and other product announcements, and product offers.

Our range of quality, automatic oil lubrication system parts includes lubricator pumps, inline filters, pressure gauges, plugs, tubing and tubing accessories, and distribution fittings such as junctions and junction bars, meter units, compression bushings, compression nuts, compression sleeves, adapters, connectors, couplings, and nipples.

We stock many of the tools that are required to install and maintain our lubrication systems. Some of the tools we offer include purpose-made oil groove mill cutters, gib and slideway deburring stones, hand tap sets (including odd sizes such as M8 x 1.0), compression fitting wrenches, tubing cutters, tubing deburrers, and tubing benders.

In short, we’re your one-stop shop for all of your one-shot oiler needs.

Our Products