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Adjustable Spring-Loaded Tap Guide

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When using a hand tap to tap a mounting hole for a lubrication system part it is essential to keep the tap properly aligned with the hole during the tapping operation. Failing to do so can cause the tap to break. It can also result in poor-quality threads which increases the risk of oil leaking from the hole. To avoid these problems, use this Adjustable Spring-Loaded Tap Guide when tapping using a lathe, milling machine, or drill press to create perfectly tapped mounting holes for your lubrication system parts each and every time.

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Product Description

Adjustable Spring-Loaded Tap Guide

This Adjustable Spring-Loaded Tap Guide has a 1/2″ diameter shank and a 3/16″ diameter guiding pin that extends outwardly from the shank. Both the shank and the pin are made from hardened and ground steel for accuracy and long service life.

A helical compression spring that is housed inside the shank biases the guiding pin outwardly from the shank. A set screw that is screwed into an end of the shank can be rotated to adjust the tension on the spring. Adjusting the spring tension adjusts the biasing force that is exerted on the pin by the spring so that the pin is able to apply a force against a tap that is appropriate for the tap’s size.

The guiding pin of the Adjustable Spring-Loaded Tap Guide has a pointed end and a hollow end. The pin is reversible so that the pointed end can positively engage with a tap that has a hollow shank end, and so that the hollow end of the pin can positively engage with a tap that has a pointed shank end.

Attractive knurling on an end portion of the shank provides for improved grip when handling the Adjustable Spring-Loaded Tap Guide.

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  • Material: Steel construction
  • Length: 83 mm
  • Width: 13 mm
  • Height: 13 mm
  • Weight: 46 g


To use the Adjustable Spring-Loaded Tap Guide:

  1. Ensure that the end (i.e. pointed or hollow end) of the guiding pin that is exposed is appropriate for the tap that is to be guided by the Tap Guide. If the wrong end is exposed, remove the set screw, spring, and pin from the shank in that order. Reverse the pin and then reinsert the reversed pin into the shank. Reinstall the spring and the set screw.
  2. Adjust the set screw so that the pin will apply a force against the tap that is appropriate for the tap’s size. Less force should be applied against smaller taps compared to larger taps. Rotate the set screw anti-clockwise to reduce the force, and clockwise to increase the force.
  3. Make sure that the spindle of the machine (e.g. lathe, milling machine, or drill press) on which the tapping is to be performed is centred with the hole in the workpiece that is to be tapped. If necessary, use a centre finder such as one of our combination edge and centre finders to centre the spindle with the hole.
  4. Install the shank of the Tap Guide in a chuck (e.g. drill or collet chuck) of the machine.
  5. Insert the thread cutting end of the tap into the hole in the workpiece.
  6. Hold the shank of the tap with a suitable tapping wrench so that the wrench can be used to rotate the tap. We recommend using our Double-End Adjustable Tap Wrench.
  7. Move the chucked Tap Guide into engagement with the tap by suitably operating the machine. The exposed end of the Tap Guide’s guiding pin must positively engage with the end of the tap’s shank. Also, the guiding pin must be forced up into the Tap Guide’s shank so that the pin forces the tap into the hole during the tapping operation.
  8. Suitably rotate the tap wrench to cause the tap to tap the hole. If the hole is particularly deep, it may be necessary during the tapping operation to operate the machine to move the Tap Guide closer to the workpiece so that the guiding pin is able to continue to force the tap into the hole.
  9. Upon completing the tapping operation, operate the machine to move the Tap Guide away from the workpiece so that the tap can be removed from the hole.

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