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M8 x 1.0 HSS Hand Tap Set

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Use this M8 x 1.0 HSS Hand Tap Set to tap holes for our various M8 x 1.0 male threaded lubrication system parts.

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Product Description

M8 x 1.0 HSS Hand Tap Set

The M8 x 1.0 HSS Hand Tap Set includes three taps:

  • a taper tap;
  • a plug tap; and
  • a bottom tap.

The taps are suitable for hand tapping holes that have been drilled with a 7.5 mm drill bit. The taps can be held with our T-Handle Ratchet Tap Wrench or our Double-End Adjustable Tap Wrench. When held with our Double-End Adjustable Tap Wrench, the taps can be guided with our Adjustable Spring-Loaded Tap Guide.

Each of the taps included in the M8 x 1.0 HSS Hand Tap Set is made from high speed steel (HSS).

The taps are suitable for tapping a broad range of materials, including cast iron, steel, aluminium, and brass.

Each tap in the M8 x 1.0 HSS Hand Tap Set has only three straight flutes which decreases the likelihood of tap breakage due to chip clogging.

The taps are packaged in a sturdy plastic case to protect them from damage.

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  • Thread size: M8 x 1.0 (right-hand thread)
  • Material: High speed steel (HSS)
  • Flute type: Straight
  • Number of flutes: Three
  • Tap dimensions: 76 mm (length) x 7 mm (diameter)
  • Weight: 64 g


For most through hole tapping applications it is necessary to use only the plug tap, which is also most suitable for blind holes where the tap drill hole is deeper than the required thread. If the tap must bottom in a blind hole, the hole is usually threaded first with the plug tap and then finished with the bottom tap to catch the last threads in the bottom of the hole. The taper tap is used on material where the chip load per tooth must be kept to a minimum. However, the taper tap should not be used on materials that have a strong tendency to work harden, such as austenitic stainless steels.

To use any of the taps in the Tap Set to tap a hole, simply:

  1. Hold the tap with a suitable tap wrench such as our T-Handle Ratchet Tap Wrench or our Double-End Adjustable Tap Wrench.
  2. Insert the cutting end of the tap into the hole.
  3. Guide the other end of the tap, if appropriate, using a suitable tap guide such as our Adjustable Spring-Loaded Tap Guide.
  4. If necessary, apply a suitable lubricant to the teeth of the tap and the hole.
  5. Tap the hole in the usual manner.
  6. Remove the tap from the tapped hole.

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